The aid association BATA Children’s Aid International, based in Germany, supports the sponsorship projects in the Philippines, in Uganda and Congo, both professionally and financially. We supervise all project related decisions and activities with regular visits to our partner countries. We also attend to the organization’s public relations and fundraising needs.

In Germany

Judith Pomm

Judith Pomm, Bata Kinderhilfe InternationalFirst Chairwoman
Regional Focus: Philippines

Judith Pomm has a degree in ethnology and international humanitarian aid. Between 2003 and 2005 she lived in the Philippines where she got work and research experience in the fields of urban poverty and street children. In Germany she works as a lecturer for integration courses. These courses aim to improve and facilitate the linguistic and cultural integration of  immigrants in Germany. She has two sons and lives in Bochum.


Prof. Lioba Lenhart

Lioba Lenhart, Bata Kinderhilfe InternationalSecond Chairwoman
Regional Focus: Uganda

Lioba Lenhart has lived and worked in Uganda since 2006. Previously, she was a member of the scientific staff at the Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Cologne and the Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict, European Network on Humanitarian Assistance (NOHA) Programme, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. Between 2006 and 2008, she conducted ethnographic field research on conflict transformation, reconciliation and peace building in northern Uganda. Since 2009, she has been lecturing at the Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies of Gulu University in northern Uganda.


Ingrid Forsting

Ingrid Forsting, Bata Kinderhilfe InternationalSecretary

Ingrid Forsting has a degree in Law. She works in the field of integration and inclusion of migrants and teaches German, English and Spanish. She is married, has two daughters and lives in Wipperfürth.


Prof. Günter Olesch

Günter Olesch, Bata Kinderhilfe InternationalLegal Adviser

Günter Olesch has been supporting the project from the beginning. He is a lawyer and has been working for national and international trade associations for most of his professional life. He is also an honorary professor at the University of Cologne. For many years he has been head of the Institute for Franchising and Cooperation at the University of Münster and is, today, a member of various supervisory boards of trade corporations. He lives near Cologne together with his wife.


Karin Granica

Karin Granica, Bata Kinderhilfe InternationalDesign and Layout

Karin Granica studied design in Krefeld with the focus on print media. Since 2005 she is CBO of the family enterprise in Bochum where she lives with her husband and her two sons.


Ruth Werschak

Ruth Werschak, Bata Kinderhilfe InternationalSupport Correspondence Congo

Ruth Werschak worked as a teacher for German and French. She has been interested in international development issues for years and has been involved in the sponsorship project since its first days.


In Our Partner Countries


Adora Maghanoy

Adora Maghanoy, Bata Kinderhilfe InternationalAdora Maghanoy is responsible for choosing and supervising the sponsored children in the Philippines and she follows-up communications with the children’s donors. She is a teacher and mother of five children. She was not only a sponsored child herself during her schooldays but she also has a lot of practical experience in the supervision of sponsorships.



Viviane Igilima Mapendo

Viviane Igilima Mapendo, Bata Kinderhilfe InternationalViviane Igilima Mapendo is a nurse with many years of working experience in Public Health, in particular HIV/AIDS prevention and basic health care. Today she works as consultant in the field of regional development. Together with her husband Claude Iguma she supervises the sponsored children in the region of Bukavu.


Claude Iguma

Claude Iguma, Bata Kinderhilfe InternationalClaude Iguma worked for the Institut Superièur de Développement Rural (Institute for Rural Development), Congo. After his Master Course in Conflict Studies in Wageningen, Netherlands, he started his PhD research on the resource conflicts associated with the Congolese mining industry. He lives in Bukavu with his wife Viviane and their three children.



Lioba Lenhart

Lioba Lenhart, Bata Kinderhilfe InternationalSince Lioba lives in Gulu she holds the responsibility for the sponsored children in this region. For further details, see above.